Adhesive Tapes

lepljive trake


Ideal for applications which require long lifespan. These tapes show the longest lifespan and they have resistance to UV radiation. They are available in many different colors, film thickness and adhesive thickness, faster or slower bonding characteristics with the substrate on which they are inserted.

Hot Melt

It binds rapidly to the substrate to which it sticks. It is ideal for less demanding applications (gluing cardboard boxes with chips, candy, etc..) and medium duty applications in hand and machine use. It is adhesive based on synthetic rubber without solvent impurities.


They are suitable for use on most recycled cardboard boxes.

Small, medium and very demanding applications are covered by the different choice of film thickness and adhesive bead. They are suitable for use in cold storage for adhesives based on natural rubber solvent type, as well as most handheld applications.

PP strap band


  • Practical materials for packaging various types of goods
  • Weather resistance
  • A high level of strength and resistance to tearing
  • Availability of various widths and thicknesses
  • Standard availability in white, black and blue
  • The possibility of complete recycling

The purpose of pp strap band is in all industries, especially in the construction, wood and food industries, as well as in print:

  • Bundling and fixing various packages (ie pallets, boxes, crates ...)
  • Fixing all types of cargo in storage and transportation
    (eg, tubes, profiles, timber ...)
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