Agricultural Sector

bale sena

Films for Silage

Mechanical twisting bundle for preservation and storage of green mass, which keeps the high nutritional value for livestock feed.

Network for Baling

It is for pre mechanical bale wrapping silage of food, hay and straw. When using the network achieve proper form bales, and the wrapping time is shorten by 50% compared to the binder.

Binder for Baling

It is for machine wrapping and the bale wrapping silage food, hay and straw. It is suitable for all types of machines, and it has the ability of wrapping in square, rectangular and round bales.

Films for Silage

They are designed to cover the surface of horizontal silos. They protect food from rain and air penetration.

Under-foil for Silage

They are used to cover the surface of horizontal silos. They suppress the formation of air pockets, thus preventing spoilage of silage.

Network Protection Silos

After the formation of horizontal silos, it is taken to foil to protect it from mechanical damage.

Weight Bags

Filled with sand, its weight ensures stickiness between networks and foil the silage in the case of wind gust.

Silage Bags

Storage of silage, fodder and grain. Silage bags retain well forage or grain quality in a very small space.

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