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Stretch Films

Stretch film is designed to meet different needs, whether it is about the power, security, reliability and economy . Nowadays, it is most commonly used for packaging products during shipping.

Main characteristics of our stretch film are great stretching, high transparency, resistance to damage and cost effectiveness. It is used for wrapping pallets primarily, which makes sure the product and at the same time protecting it from moisture and dirt. Selection of appropriate films depends on the product which is packed, and the packaging machine. Stretch film is used for various types and sizes of hand-wrapping goods in all industries.

Our professional staff is available to determine the film that best suits your needs.

We also have other types of films in our offer:

Shrink Wrap Film

It is used for packaging individual or group of products that are wrapped in foil, and after being subjected to heat occurs adhesive foil with the product in all industries.

The available models include:

  • PE shrink wrap film
  • PVC shrink wrapfilm
  • Extruded wrapshrink film
  • Polyolefin shrink wrap film

PVC Cling Food Stretch Film

It is used for wrapping various food products, and wrapped products retain natural moisture, aroma and freshness.

PE Films

It is used to cover a variety of items to protect against weathering, moisture and dirt. It also serves as a foil insulation in the building industry.

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